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Oneness junkie t-shirts were created in 2009 as a tool to help support the the people, groups, businesses, organizations and communities who are interested in spreading the message of “Oneness”. The t-shirt idea was birthed out of a desire to spread a more positive message while living our daily lives, in hopes to start a conversation, to inspire a dialogue between strangers and encourage ongoing thoughts of our oneness and our connectedness. 

Oneness t-shirts are a way to outwardly express unity and acceptance with our neighbors both local and global.  They remind us that we are ONE with all things in nature and all kingdoms (plant, animal, humanity).  Wearing the shirt can remind us all that we share more in common as citizens of this planet, than we have that different. Wearing the Oneness t-shirts also help support organizations that inspire Unity, Love and Oneness.

One more thing. Remaining conscious about our planet, we have chosen a t-shirt made from one of the fastest growing and sustainable plants on earth, bamboo. The shirts are 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton. It’s a comfortable and great fit; softer than your (most comfortable) cotton shirt. It wicks moisture and is antimicrobial. You'll love these shirts! A portion of each online t-shirt sold goes to organizations that teach the message of Oneness.
Would you like to be a Oneness Ambassador and spread this throughout the world?

Contact us if you'd like details on how to sell these shirts in you retail store, online store, yoga studio, church bookstore, conference/event or use our affiliate link program as a group fundraiser.  Email | Order them today for your organization!
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